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Speed, Agility & Running

Speed, Agility & Running Club

Dates & Location: Tuesdays and Thursdays (4 - 5:15pm) from July 24th - August 30th and Mondays and Wednesdays (6 - 7pm) from September 5th - 12th. All practices will be held at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. The Glow in the Garten 3K will be on September 15th at Petrifying Springs Park. Packet pick-up begins at 5pm with the race starting at 7:15pm. 

Cost: $95 per person. Includes program t-shirt and Glow in the Garten 3K Fun Run to conclude the program.

Ages: Boys & girls, grades 2nd - 8th. 

The Program: 

  • DYNAMIC WARM UP: Every child will start by doing a dynamic warm up.  This is an active way of warming up the muscles, developing athletic ability and enhancing mobility and range of motion.
  • RUNNING: Every child will run based upon their current level of fitness and ability
  • PLYOMETRIC DRILLS: Every child will explore the range of plyometric drills to develop strength, power and speed.
  • CORE: Core development is a key and critical element in strengthening muscles that contribute to better running form and economy. This will further develop all athletic skills across the board.
  • STRETCHING: Stretching key muscles after a workout is important regardless of one's age.

Questions? Please contact the sports department at 262.654.6200, prompt 5 or at [email protected]